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13th Annual Culture Show: Mentor & TEAM Celebrate!

Last night was the culmination of months of preparation on the part of the members of the 2016 Culture Show Organizing Committee. Grade 12 students Hasan Ahmed, Melanie Wong, Ryan McDowell, and Grade 11 student Sophia Begna coordinated the efforts of over 200 student volunteers and brought together performers from all divisions of Mentor and TEAM!

In addition to the concert and pavilions, this year’s event also included an international writing pavilion – where visitors could have their names written on name tags in various languages. At the other end of the gym, the Mehndi table had a line-up all night long. For a small donation to GuaAfrica (charity of 2015 guest speaker Emmanuel Jal), guests could go home with a beautiful memento from the event!

Congratulations to the student and staff organizers from all divisions! Thank you to MCs Laura Moss, Jacky Li, and Chad Rewa!

Watch students and staff from Mentor/TEAM have fun in the Culture Show intro video! Thank you to Matt Dziadecki and Maazin Mohamed!

See photos from the event!

2016 logo created by Warren Wong.

See you next year!