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15th Annual Celebration of Cultural Diversity

Last night, students from all divisions of Mentor and TEAM joined together in one of the schools’ largest school-wide events: The Celebration of Cultural Diversity! The NS Gym at the Main Campus were transformed into a multicultural extravaganza – including music, dance, food, and celebration! Led by HS students Janvi, Emad, Sierra, Aria, Sara, and Vanessa, all students in the school took part in the event, either as performers, pavilion guides, executive members, or visitors.

The event started in 2004 with twelve countries sharing their cultures and traditions with students, teachers, and parents. In the following years, the show quickly gained popularity with students – so much that the 2018 show featured over 40 pavilions – with three spectacular concerts taking place throughout the day.

As much as we would like to see even more students get involved, there doesn’t seem to any more space in the gyms for even one more pavilion!

The above video was created by Grade 11 students Maya and Amelia!