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1st OEC Leadership Lapel Award: Omogbai Asekomhe

During the TEAM Grade 8 trip to the OEC, the students took part in a variety of activities that were all linked to the overall theme of Leadership. They used teamwork when challenged by the low ropes course. They used communication, balance, and strength in the canoes, and they were forced to step outside of their comfort zones on the high-ropes course.

One student in particular stood out as a leader and was awarded the first ever special recognition button, the Leadership Lapel Award, to be worn on their school blazer. Not only did this student display great leadership attributes, but he did so in a quiet and discrete manner that enhanced the entire OEC experience for everyone present. Well done, Omogbai Asekomhe!

Outstanding behaviour, respect for all staff and classmates
Motivational with a great display of leadership attributes
Observant of the needs of his group as well as of all instructions and expectations
Generous with a gentle and kind disposition
Balanced with an array of positive qualities
Active and constructive, always with a pleasant demeanour
Interested in learning, inquisitive and inspiring