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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Mark Tewksbury Visits TEAM School!

Canadian Olympian, public speaker, and humanitarian Mark Tewksbury spoke to the students and teachers at TEAM School. The students hung on every word during Mr. Tewksbury’s presentation as he recalled his experiences while competing in the Olympics. He shared how he felt during some of his struggles and successes. He talked about perseverance and dedication >

Where’s The Mop!

Students in Mrs. Lazdzin’s TEAM geography class stunned her last Friday. Over the years she has seen highly creative work but never to this extent. When she assigned a small project based on her students’ interest in geography, she expected an acrostic poem or a song from the Animaniacs’ “Countries of the World”. What she >

The Best Nest and Best Students at TEAM School

After their engaging Direct Instruction reading lessons, TEAM primary students sometimes enjoy a story together. After reading Dr. Seuss’s Best Nest story and after sequencing the events and settings on impressive charts, the students decided to build their very best nests too. Everyone should try this challenging task: keeping dry leaves, twigs and grass together. >