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Monthly Archives: November 2014

TEAM Grade 7s At OEC

TEAM School Grade 7 students enjoyed a messy combination of thick, snowboot-engulfing mud and fluffy, sock-drenching snow last week at the OEC. Much like the student photos taken as part of a photography scavenger hunt, the following student survey captures the week’s great fun. 1) Nature Geeks of the week: Jonathon Peace and Jack Dyment >

Green Thumbs Forced Indoors

Student in the TEAM School Garden Club learned all about forcing bulbs this week. They discussed the natural time for bulbs to bloom, and that they need a period of time to be very cold. So how do we see blooming crocus, tulips, and daffodils in stores when there is still snow on the ground? >

TEAM Students Remember!

Along with a Remembrance Day assembly, TEAM students from Grades 1 to 8 participated in “Postcards for Peace” with Veterans Affairs Canada. As a writing activity, each student wrote a note on a copy of the postcard to either a veteran or a Canadian Armed Forces soldier. The postcards were sent to veterans at The >

Time To Get Inside And Donate!

Students had the weekend to form teams, plan costumes, and most importantly, begin fundraising! In honour of Mentor student Jenna Santelli who passed away at age 12 in 2010, the fifth annual Inside Ride comes to Mentor/TEAM on November 28! The Inside Ride is an amazing 2-hour team-building event where students cycle together on bikes >

Coolest Club On Campus!

The DJ Club at TEAM school is off and mixing! The boys and girls have been meeting every Wednesday to learn how to mix together their favourite songs. The computer program they are learning to use has allowed the students to learn how to fade between different tracks, loop (scratch) a portion of a song >

Magazine Drive Sales Top $35,000!

The MTPA (Mentor TEAM Parent Association) would like to thank all students, parents, volunteers, and school staff for their help with the annual Magazine Fundraiser. This year, sales were over $35,000! That means close to $12,000 for our schools! Congratulations to the top sellers who each received a $150 Gift Card: Nathan Jablonski (Primary) Charlotte >

Kick Cancer’s Butt: 2014 Inside Ride

Kick Cancer’s Butt! The 2014 Inside Ride campaign officially got underway yesterday with the Grades 7/8 and HS kickoff assemblies! In the coming weeks, students will be forming teams, planning costumes, and of course…fundraising! The Inside Ride is an amazing 2-hour team-building event where students cycle together on bikes on stationary trainers in a collaborative >