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Monthly Archives: February 2015

Creating Their Own Apps

The Grade 5s from Mrs. Sydor and Mr. Bhandari’s TEAM School class have been exploring ways to develop technology by creating their own apps! The apps ranged from gaming to photo editing, even a homework helper! Matthew and Graeme created gaming apps called Fight of Alliances and Orange Vanisher. Simran invented a Custom Cards app >

Jackson & Julia: This Week’s Nature Geeks

Grade 6 TEAM School students braved the cold temperatures at the OEC last week. Students were bundled up and ready to participate in winter activities. The winners of the broomball championships were the Multicorns – made up of Alexia, Alyse, Sam, Liam and Jamieson. Challenging themselves to try new activities like snowshoeing and cross-country skiing, >

Getting Creative With Cameras

TEAM School Grade 8 students having been learning about stop motion animation in their visual arts classes. Using iPads to create stop-motion animation films, they have been familiarizing themselves with the challenges of orchestrating a short animation film. They have had to be creative about camera angle, blocking, and in particular the difficulties of setting >