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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Girls’ Club Enjoying Time Indoors & Out!

The TEAM School’s Girls’ Club had fun playing cooperative games, while learning how to make and keep friends. We talked about the importance of working together, being kind and resolving conflicts in a positive manner. Our first meeting involved games like “Pass a message” teaching us “to speak without words”. This week we met outside >

Frederick Wins Chess Tournament: 5-1 Record

The TEAM School Chess Club concluded its season with an exciting, very close tournament. The members played a round-robin six game tournament over a three-week period. When the final move had been made, the club crowned its 2015 champion. Congratulations to Frederick for winning the tournament with a record of five wins and one defeat. >

No Holes In This Plot: TSS Reads 2015

In honour of World Book Day, April 23rd, special activities took place as part of the 14th Annual TEAM School Reads. In each of the high school English classes, voting was conducted to select this year’s TSS Reads Selection. The final list of nominees included Holes by Louis Sachar, An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on >