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Monthly Archives: September 2017

As The World Turns

As the world turns, so does the orange in Ms. Lam’s Grade 7 geography class. Students used oranges to map out the lines of longitude, latitude, north and south poles along with the southern, northern, eastern and western hemispheres of their juicy model. Students demonstrated that we can play with our food for the benefit >

Speaker Series: Heather Moyse, October 24

A two-time Olympic champion and national athlete in bobsleigh, cycling, and rugby, Heather Moyse has turned her attention to being an advocate for human achievement. She will inspire the Grade 8 to 12 students in this one hour presentation. Parents and school community members are welcome to attend. Tuesday October 24, 2017 Mentor College Main >

What’s New At The OEC

The OEC (Outdoor Education Centre) in Muskoka has undergone a few changes and upgrades in recent months. We have installed and upgraded several new elements/challenges to enhance our low ropes, high ropes, and rock climbing wall activities. The students from Mr. Panchal’s leadership class as well as from Mr. Fournie and Ms. Sooch’s Mentor classes >

What’s In A Log?

Grade 9 students in Ms. Jansen’s science class discovered small ecosystems within rotting logs today. They dissected logs to learn about qualitative and quantitative observations that can be obtained from ecosystems in places one never thinks to look. Using the condition of their logs and the creatures were found inside of them, students inferred each >