Small classes. Inspired learning.

The TEAM Advantage

Why TEAM School?

advantage1-300x216Many parents contact TEAM School when they feel their child is not performing to the best of his or her academic abilities. In many cases, their child has not been provided optimal instruction. The child’s literacy, numeracy, organizational and test-taking skills have begun to erode, and they have lost interest in learning.

The priority at TEAM School is to work with each student’s specific strengths and weaknesses. A personalized curriculum is developed by the teacher for each student and with no more than 8 students per class, this individualized learning programme can be monitored closely and adapted as the student progresses in the positive TEAM School environment.

By teaching students to study effectively, master concepts and prepare for higher scholastic performance, the school allows the child to become confident in his or her abilities and increasingly aware of his or her own learning style.

“The big difference I noticed at TEAM was that now I know how to start my work, and I also know that the teachers care.”

Positive Learning Environment

A post-secondary education is more of a necessity for success than ever before, and with each passing year, the requirements for admission are becoming more stringent. Higher scholastic achievement is required in high school to gain entrance to these programmes and TEAM School believes that it is imperative to get students into a positive learning environment as early as possible.

TEAM creates a school environment where students’ learning process can be accelerated, but at the same time where learning can be enjoyable. By the time students are in high school, they have already established their learning habits, so it is essential to get them enthused about learning at a young and receptive age.

“Our son used to be so anxious about school; he often wouldn’t want to get out of bed in the morning. We don’t have that problem anymore.”

Why TEAM Works

When the teachers and administrators at TEAM School take responsibility for your child’s education, they are confident in saying that they will:

  • Provide a challenging academic environment
  • Build a solid basis in literacy and numeracy
  • Maintain an environment that encourages self-esteem, self-discipline and mutual respect
  • Teach creative thinking
  • Teach organizational, test-taking and study skills
  • Prepare students for success in high school and post-secondary studies

TEAM School would be proud to welcome your child as one of its students!