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This Class Is Full Of Mindful Students

Since the start of the school year, students at all grades of TEAM School have been discussing mindfulness – which is “the quality or state of being aware of something.” Students have learned about the parts of the brain and their functions and they have applied mindfulness to such tasks as lining up in order of birthdays without talking and sorting themselves by last name.

Luca – in Mr. Bhandari’s Grade 7 class says that one of the benefits of mindfulness training is that you “focus on your breathing and if you’re nervous you focus on strategies so you can get things done faster.” Classmate Adam adds, “in the beginning it looked like there were fifty-million questions and I would get stressed out, but I’m learning to go one step at a time.” How can mindfulness help outside of the classroom? According to Claire, one way is that “it can help people who have to drive ambulances or police cars to make split-second decisions.”