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“You Control Your Own Destiny…Make Decisions, And See How They Go”

Yesterday morning, Mentor College & TEAM School were honoured to welcome astronaut and author Chris Hadfield to the school! He spoke to Grades 8-12 students, faculty, and guests for 90 minutes in one of the most engaging installments of the Speaker Series. Accompanied by photos and video, Mr. Hadfield took the audience on a journey through his past as he explained what it took to go from being a 9-year old boy dreaming of going into space to being in charge of the International Space Station.

Throughout the inspirational presentation, Mr. Hadfield told the students to try to “figure out what it is you love to do, and do it.” He gave examples of some of the steps he has taken in his life to reach the goals he set out for himself. Judging from the number of people lined up to meet Chris Hadfield after his presentation, there was little doubt that this guest speaker left a strong impression on the students. He even made sure to stay long enough so that he could meet every one in line!

Near the end of his talk, Mr. Hadfield took a moment to express his admiration for Mentor & TEAM by telling the students, “You guys are so lucky to have this place as an education. It’s one of the best places in the world at your age to go to school…on the whole planet! You have a huge advantage over almost every other kid your age. So don’t squander it. Think about who you want to be and start taking steps to become that person.”

Thanks to your generosity, $2481.65 was raised – all of which will be donated to the Canadian Red Cross – Mr. Hadfield’s charity of choice.

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