Small classes. Inspired learning.


TEAM primary students discovered the best place for a fun-filled field trip. They went to LEGOLAND! Marco reports: Students built a tall structure and tried it out on the earthquake table. The skyscraper was strong enough and didn’t crumble! Ryan and Ahmed realized that when building a structure that would withstand an earthquake you needed to have blocks that overlapped. John’s and Mohamed’s team designed their structure with a wide sturdy base.

Christian loved the special glasses for the 4D movie and Avi tried to catch the spiders, bats and snowflakes coming out the screen. The 4th dimension surprised the children with a spray of water, falling snow and the Dragon’s sneeze.

All the students became automotive engineers and designed and built their own Lego cars and tested them on various ramps. Sarah, Mercedes, Nicole and Jack enjoyed racing their cars. Owen won one of the races with his own race car design that included 8 wheels. Cassiano, Mary, Ryley, Carter, Nolan and Dominic thought the Kingdom Quest laser ride was the best. If you read the students’ journals they all wish to go back very soon.