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Grade 8s Visit Casa Loma

Last Thursday, TEAM Grade 8 students went back in time to the turn of the twentieth century when they visited Casa Loma. During their guided tour, they learned about Canada’s changing society and how social and economic factors, technology, and people promoted change in Canada.

The students learned about the former owner of the home, Sir Henry Pellatt, who had been a prominent Canadian financier and his wife, Lady Mary Pellatt, who supported the women’s suffrage movement. Some of the highlights of the tour were going through secret passages, seeing the beautifully furnished rooms, walking through the 800-foot tunnel to the original stables and garage with its vintage automobile display.

Fortunately, because of the lovely sunny day, the students could go out on the terrace, view the modern city of Toronto to the south and in one simple turn to the north, they were looking back in time at the largest private residence in Canada after it was built in 1914.