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Internet/Social Media Safety Expert Delivers Impactful Presentations To Students, Parents

Social networking safety expert Paul Davis was at the Main Campus today to deliver presentations to Mentor/TEAM Grades 7/8 students in the morning and to the Grades 5/6 students after lunch. Mr. Davis made both students and staff aware of several areas of potential danger that they had perhaps not previously considered.
During a segment in the morning session, he asked the students how many of them owned a smart phone. With every hand in the auditorium raised, Mr. Davis questioned the students further as to the actual ownership of the phone, i.e. who pays the bill, who signed the contract. This continued until all hands were lowered until the students realized that their parents were actually the owners of their accounts and their smart phones. Mr. Davis used the demonstration to highlight accountability and responsibility.

Once smartphone ownership was established withe the audience, Mr. Davis guided the students through the very real dangers in social media and encouraged students to make begin some important decisions and changes involving their use of Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Here is what students had to say:

Callum: “I never realized before how every activity can be tracked/traced.”
Quintina: “You can only go on social media if you are 13 and older.”
Blair: “The Internet never forgets, so you have to be careful what you send and look at.”
Pablo: “It was an eye-opener to most people as to what the Internet is really about…Public WiFi is not always safe.”
Junzi: “Going outside and playing different sports is better than playing video games or being on social media.”
Liam: “Make sure your passwords are different for all of you online accounts.”

Parents were invited to the evening presentation. Mr. Davis delivered his message of social media safety and also added instructions specifically for parents. For more information on Internet & social media safety, please visit