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Mark Tewksbury Visits TEAM School!

Canadian Olympian, public speaker, and humanitarian Mark Tewksbury spoke to the students and teachers at TEAM School. The students hung on every word during Mr. Tewksbury’s presentation as he recalled his experiences while competing in the Olympics.

He shared how he felt during some of his struggles and successes. He talked about perseverance and dedication and always working to the best of your ability. The students prepared some thoughtful questions at the end of the presentation.

Michael Milivojevich in Mr. Becker’s class, asked, “Who inspired you to become an Olympic athlete and motivational speaker?” Jack Barota, in Mrs. Sydor’s class asked, “Was there ever a time you struggled or did not perform well swimming or in school? If so, what strategies did you use to keep you motivated to continue on?”

As a TEAM School community we were honoured and proud to have Mr. Tewksbury come and speak to our school. It was an event that will live on in our memories, and we will recall the strong messages he shared with us.

One of the messages Mark Tewksbury left with the students was how important it is to advocate for yourself and to surround yourself with people who will challenge and support you. The students also had the special privilege of holding and passing around all three of Mr. Tewksbury’s Olympic medals!