Small classes. Inspired learning.

All You Need is Enthusiasm and a Willingness to Participate!

Students in Mr. Becker’s and Mrs. Domingue’s Grade 7 TEAM classes have brought much enthusiasm into the classroom and have shown a lot of interest in the many sports and activities happening at TEAM School. Many have signed up for soccer and X-country running, while others have explored the myriad of clubs available to them.

We have an enthusiastic bunch of young chefs in class as Amber, Matthew, Elizabeth and Catherine, to name a few, signed up for the cooking club. Other students were more politically oriented and were very keen on student council. We are happy to say that Michael and Ben are our class representatives, and Elizabeth agreed to be the alternate rep so that we will always have someone attending student council meetings this year.

We are delighted with our students’ enthusiasm and willingness to participate in and enjoy all aspects of life at TEAM School. We feel this year is off to a great start!