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MTPA (Parent’s Association)


The Mentor/TEAM Parents’ Association (MTPA) is a volunteer group of parents of currentMentor/TEAM students. The purpose is to further enhance academic, extra-curricular, and family experiences. By raising funds and hosting social events, the Association helps to promote social interaction between students and parents at each campus. Our objective is to work in a spirit of cooperation with MTPA volunteers, school administrators, teachers, and staff.

Support of the Mentor/TEAM Parent Association through volunteering, participation at events, fund raising and expression of ideas is greatly appreciated. School administrators and teachers support the work of the MTPA and we are very pleased with this support as well.

Contact The MTPA

The MTPA is available by email at and Parents may also leave a written message at any of three campuses.


To fulfill their mission, the MTPA hosts a variety of activities for parents and students. Students and parents may be involved as participants, guests, and/or most importantly to our success, volunteers.  Dates may change watch so for flyers sent home.

Contributions/Enhancements to Mentor College and TEAM School

Through fundraising activities, the MTPA makes donations to the three campuses for annual events and material goods that vary from year to year. The MTPA board works closely with school administration to identify what donations are made. The MTPA is happy to hear ideas from parents, but all contributions must be discussed and accepted by the MTPA board and approved by administration.

For the past many years, the MTPA has contributed annually to:

  • Celebration of Cultural Diversity for all campuses
  • Governor General Recipient Award, High School Commencement
  • Citizenship Award, High School Commencement
  • Community Service Award, High School Commencement
  • Grade 8 Graduation Photos (TEAM & Mentor)
  • Yearbooks (Primary, TEAM, Intermediate)

Over the years, past donations have included:

  • Primary Campus Playground
  • High Ropes Course at the Outdoor Education Centre
  • Sound System and Lighting at Main Campus’ O’Brien Hall
  • Portable Stages for TEAM and Main Campus
  • Outdoor Sporting Tents for all campuses
  • Musical instruments
  • Athletic equipment (e.g. uniforms, TEAM & Primary scoreboard)
  • A/V equipment and sound system at TEAM


The MTPA funds these activities and contributions through limited fund raising, enabled through parent volunteers!

Magazine Sale

Hosted at the beginning of the school year, this is the best-supported and most lucrative fundraising activity. The MTPA conducts the campaign through a Canadian company called QSP and students are introduced to the campaign with a presentation by the MTPA, as well as displays at each of the three campuses. Fun incentives are provided to students including prizes for individual and classroom sales. The MTPA encourages families who are already subscribing to magazines to await the campaign and buy or renew through the school. Buyers still get their magazines and the school gets at least 37% of the profit!

Aside from financial benefit, this program encourages reading and promotes literacy. The magazines reflect wide areas of interest and students are bound to find something about which they’d like to learn more. The magazines then give the students another vehicle to practice their reading skills and increase their vocabulary.

If you have questions about an order you have placed, please call the QSP customer service line from 9-5 Monday to Friday at 1-800-667-2536.

Used Uniform Sales

The annual sales not only raise funds, but also provide a service whereby families can easily donate or consign their used blazers, kilts, pants, ties, sweaters, and vests. Also for parent and student convenience, the MTPA arranges year-round sales through the MT Room – ensuring that a family’s commission is paid, with the balance supporting MTPA activities.


The Parent Association is inclusive of all parents of students currently enrolled at Mentor College and TEAM School. There are no fees.


All activities and fund raising of the MTPA require volunteers and parent sign up sheets are sent home with students at the beginning of the year for return to the MTPA. Calls for all volunteer positions, including the Board, are also posted through the weekly school update administered by the school, parent Meet & Greets, and word of mouth through participation at MTPA activities. At any time, parents may contact the MTPA at or The Board of the MTPA is a group of fourteen parent volunteers who have been accepted to serve a two-year term, each with specific duties listed in a written job description.

The composition of the Board is as follows:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Treasurer Assistant
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Primary Campus Representative
  • Main Campus Representative
  • TEAM Representative
  • Science Fair Judging Coordinator
  • Magazine Sale Coordinators (2)
  • Used Uniform Sale Coordinator
  • Volunteer Coordinator

Outside MTPA Mandate

School operations (e.g. physical space, curriculum) are outside of the MTPA’s mandate. Please speak to school administration at any of the three campuses.