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The wearing of uniforms and the expectations of the students’ personal appearance encourages students to develop pride in their school and in themselves. Our students are expected to adhere to the dress code and personal appearance guidelines as outlined below.

364A4712TEAM Mentor College/TEAM School Dress Code

Uniforms are worn daily and are expected to be kept in good repair at all times (buttons on jackets, shoes polished, etc.). Full dress uniform (blazers for all, kilts for girls) is required on Fridays, special occasions and field trips.

School uniforms may be purchased at the InSchoolwear stores in Oakville. If they are purchased elsewhere, the items must be identical in style to the ones sold at InSchoolwear. Crested phys. ed. uniforms can only be purchased through The MT Room (the school store) or InSchoolwear.

The MT Room is located in Room 106 at the Main Campus and has regular hours during the school year and special extended hours from August to October. Your campus office will have order forms available and many parents take advantage of The MT Room’s online store!

The Mentor/TEAM Parents’ Association holds a Used Uniform Exchange every June for those looking for “gently used” blazers, kilts and pants. The MT Room and InSchoolwear also set up shop at the school for this sale.

View the TEAM School dress code.

Mentor College/TEAM School Personal Appearance Guidelines
Students are expected to be clean and neat in general appearance. Inappropriate dress and appearance conflict with the goal of the school to nurture mature, responsible, and socially acceptable behaviour. Students in conflict with the dress code or personal appearance guidelines will face disciplinary action.

View the TEAM School Personal Appearance Guidelines.