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TEAM Grade 7s At OEC

TEAM School Grade 7 students enjoyed a messy combination of thick, snowboot-engulfing mud and fluffy, sock-drenching snow last week at the OEC. Much like the student photos taken as part of a photography scavenger hunt, the following student survey captures the week’s great fun.

1) Nature Geeks of the week: Jonathon Peace and Jack Dyment
2) Favourite Meal: Tacos
3) Funniest moment: Falling in the mud
4) What you will miss the most: Mia (Jenny’s Australian cattle herder), Mr. Schell and Miss Smith, tacos, sleeping with my friends
5) Ah-ha moment: That things work better when you work as a team. For example, rolling a tire uphill using a broomball stick. (Enny)
6) Most challenging experience: Trying to fall asleep when others are talking.
7) Greatest accomplishment: Trying the flying squirrel on the high ropes course and climbing up onto the top bunk.
8) Best quote: “Taaaaaaco”
9) What you wished you had remembered to bring: “Hairbrush”,(Juliet),” Waterbottle, towel, shampoo, snowboots…”(Kuanish), “More posters of Batman” (Callie)
10) Favourite Activity: “Writing journals” (Ramiz), “The Amazing Race” (Sophia and Bruce), “Minute to Win it” (Nicholas and Kaj), “Student photo assignment-duplicate a famous work of art: Frederick as the Mona Lisa” (Miss Iyigun, and Mrs. Peesker)