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TEAM Primary visit Bronte Creek Provincial Park

Grades 1, 2 and 3 students enjoyed a field trip to Bronte Creek Park this week. The day was sunny and warm and the students enjoyed 2 science programs led by the park rangers. They learned about Animal Adaptations and visited a Wetlands in the park. Andrew, the park ranger showed the students a coyote skull and they could see that the coyote has a sponge like structure in its nose that explains its keen sense of smell to help search for prey.

The students learned that pileated woodpeckers have a long barbed tongue to help them find bugs in dead or dying trees. After a fun time in the play barn and a picnic lunch the students hiked to a wetland area and used nets to find tiny pond creatures. A pair of Mallard Ducks willingly shared the pond with the students but kept a close eye on our adventures. The students dipped they nets in the pond making sure to catch creatures from the bottom, middle and top on the pond.

Some of the finds included, Caddis flies that build a house around themselves from pond debris as a disguise, mosquito larva, dragonfly larva and nematodes. After a few slips in the mud we hiked back to the bus tired but happy at having spent the day together in the great outdoors.