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TEAM School 15th Annual Hoops For Heart

TEAM School held its annual Hoops For Heart tournament fundraiser last Thursday. This is the 15th year TEAM School has participated in this event for the Heart and Stroke foundation. This year, TEAM raised $2160 – bringing the 15-year total to $97,715!

This was a 3-on-3 all day basketball tournament with each grade level playing each other.

The highlight of the day was the student-teacher game. The Grades 1-3 class took on the teachers. The energetic and enthusiastic students won the red ribbon and paraded their trophy around the school!

Some highlights from the event were:

– Fans showed their appreciation with a good attempt at the wave. Most enthusiastic cheerleader was Lily Dow. – Loudest cheer was Max Ryzhykov.
– Carter Leslie and Connor Muia shot the most baskets in the Grade 4 and 5 games and they won players of the tournament.
– Grade 6 students displayed tremendous passing skills as well as amazing lay-ups. The players of the tournament went to Yulu Jiang and Luca Tomassetti.
– Mark O’Brien dominated the Grade 7 games and there were some great shots from Callum Morrison, Clay Colwell and Nadya Fieltsch. Players of the tournament went to Mark O’Brien and Nadya Fieltsch.
– The Grade 8 students were very competitive and they demonstrated their game skills! Kevin Gray managed to score 22 points and Sam Townend was a close second with 20 points. They were named players of the tournament.

Special thank you to our student referees, Sam Townend, Elvin Long, Jonathon Peace, Mark O’Brien, Josh Lewis and Clayton Colwell.