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TEAM Sports Assembly: Celebrating Sportsmanship, Teamwork, & Positive Attitude

Students and staff of TEAM School held their June Sports Assembly on Thursday. In her opening remarks, Miss Sweeney conveyed the pride and respect for all the school’s athletes. When addressing the school, Mrs. Sawtschuk had this to say:

“After listening to all the comments and speeches that your coaches have made I am reminded of a quote I heard once, it is easy to hold your head up when you are winning, but it is more important to hold your head up when you are losing. I know TEAM students represent our school well, because despite what the standings are, they demonstrate sportsmanship, teamwork, and a positive attitude. This is always more important than winning.”

We appreciate our coaches for their dedication and commitment.

Miss Sweeney urged students in Grade 8 to get involved with their HS athletic programme.

Download a PDF of the complete list of winners.