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TEAM Students Remember!

Along with a Remembrance Day assembly, TEAM students from Grades 1 to 8 participated in “Postcards for Peace” with Veterans Affairs Canada. As a writing activity, each student wrote a note on a copy of the postcard to either a veteran or a Canadian Armed Forces soldier. The postcards were sent to veterans at The Wen Leigh in Mississauga and Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto. Fifty postcards were sent to a former TEAM School student, Charles Sweeney (more about Charlie in the next paragraph), a member of the Canadian Armed Forces, and his fellow comrades. The students wrote many heartfelt words:

Hello. I first want to thank you for helping to protect us and all the people in different countries. I hope there is peace.
From Mercedes

To a Veteran,
You’ve set us free.
You’ve let us be.
You’ve brought us into victory.
We are thankful for your bravery.
You did not do it only for you.
You’ve done us good.
You did what you could.
You fought, and you won.
A country’s happiness has begun.
Thank you.
From Enny Edward-ajayi

During preparation for Remembrance Day, the primary students at TEAM got up close and personal about what it means to be a real soldier today in the Canadian Army. Ms. Sweeney explained to the students how her son Sergeant Charlie Sweeney (also a TEAM graduate!) became a soldier in the Canadian Army. She talked about the Sergeant’s daily life, his assignments including guarding the participants during the Vancouver Olympic, and his posts around the world. The students had questions about his uniform on his photo (and how he keeps it immaculate), his duties, his comrades, and when he can visit his mother, Ms. Sweeney.