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The Artists Of The Month For March

Justin Pascual: Tour Band: Justin is the only trombone player in our Tour Band, which will be departing for Italy in just a couple of days. What this means is that he has been required to cover every solo part for trombone on the Jazz charts that we are preparing for our trip. He practices all the time, and he is rockin’ it! Great work, Justin!

Steven Starkell: Grade 11 Visual Art: Steven has consistently produced first class artwork and a love for the theoretical side of art history – as displayed by his 99% performance in the mid-year evaluation. His most recent drawing is based on the style of the Baroque still life and has a violin set against a folded cloth in strong directional lighting. It is a super example of rendering and control of value. Well done Steven, the art department appreciates your commitment and efforts!

Ishnaa Gulati: Grade 10 Art: Selected as an artist of the month for her strong work ethic and care in following directions. She is commended on her perseverance and fearless ability to face an artistic challenge. Ishnaa helps to lead the way in art class by designing and creating original works of art.

Sam Yifan Li: Grade 10 Art: Sam Yifan Li not only has a natural talent in art but he also possesses a determined approach to designing successful works of art and especially developing original ways of using the materials in his work. Sam is observant and thoughtful. Plus we really like how he is always prepared for class with his own art kit of pencils and brushes.

Andrew Harrington: Grade 9 Music: Andrew has been working very hard at his trumpet playing skills. He has begun to double-tongue as well as work the embouchure in order to reach a high E, F and G. The John Cena theme and Sandstorm are just the beginning. He has also improved on his theory knowledge and is a leader in the trumpet section at band. Way to go Andrew – Keep it up!

Kunaal Datt: Grade 11 Sound Editing: Kunaal has displayed a keen interest in this aspect of film making as well as solid skills. He is able to create, blend, and mix a wide variety of sound in both synchronous and asynchronous styles to his film work.

Jimmy Zheng: Grade 12 Writer’s Craft: Jimmy Zheng is our Artist of the Month for Writer’s Craft! In our recent study of the novel, What We All Long For, Jimmy has demonstrated impressive analytical capabilities. His insights on character development, plot points, and literary allusions are complex and sophisticated, and his interpretations show that he has truly engaged with the novel from many different perspectives. Jimmy’s level of literary criticism and dedication could easily be seen in any first-year university English course – truly excellent work!