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We’re TorQin’ Percussion!

Students from the Primary, TEAM, and Intermediate divisions enjoyed a special musical presentation Wednesday by Toronto’s TorQ percussion quartet. This group, now in its tenth year, presented a number of fascinating compositions using “found objects”, common household items like buckets, hoses, lids, tin cans and cooking utensils. The audience was both enthralled and delighted with the colourful rhythms and interactions among the musicians.

Audience contributions by students added an extra element to such rhythmic performances as “In the Machine,” which was inspired by sounds of the laundromat. Eerie wind effects using pieces of hose, combined with the varying pitch and tempos of hollow plastic tube “boomwhackers,” were almost hypnotic in their effect on the audience. A rousing finale of TorQ’s signature piece, “Sticking Garbage” using six upended garbage cans, had the audience clamouring for more.

The kindergarten students liked the “boomwhackers” the best. Arthur, in junior kindergarten, liked the rain song when the musicians patted their bellies to make rhythm. Everyone was tapping their toes and snapping their fingers all the way back to class!