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What Did You Use To Build Your Log Cabin?

TEAM School Grade 3 students created their own pioneer village when they brought in their Shoebox Diorama Pioneer Projects this week. Mary dressed the part of a Pioneer School Mistress and showed her model of a pioneer one room school house explaining what school was like for pioneer children. The students enjoyed trying on the Dunce cap but were glad they didn’t have to wear one at TEAM School.

Sarah made a detailed model of a Pioneer General Store and told how the general store served as a post office and a place for early settlers to purchase or trade for useful items. Nolan wore his Blacksmith’s protective apron and described the many useful tools the Blacksmith forged over a hot fire at his place of work. The students were interested in how bellows were used to fan the fire. Meredith, Haya, Owen, Tanush and Iniya built detailed models of Pioneer Homesteads and displayed many important aspects of Pioneer life.

Meredith included a butter churn and Haya was creative in using pretzel sticks as logs to make her model of a log cabin. Owen showed pictures of his visit to Black Creek Pioneer Village with his family. Tanush and Iniya included various animal figures to describe the importance of farm animals for work and food. The students enjoyed a pioneer snack of butter that they helped make and apple butter on crackers in addition to corn bread and maple syrup. It was a fitting culminating event for the completion of our Pioneer Unit.