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We Are The Champions!

The U14 girls’ floor hockey team participated in the PSAA tournament at Fern Hill yesterday. The team started the day on a high note by winning against Sherwood Heights 12-2. Goal scorers were Kiera, Charlie, Norah, and Crystal. The team was just getting started! They went on to win the next two games and tied their final game. This record led the TEAM team to the finals where the championship game was a real nail-biter! The fans were cheering, the team was fighting to win, and Ms. Evans was trying to remain calm! The game seemed to go on forever.

First, TEAM School was in the lead 2-0. Before you knew it, Fern Hill was in the lead 6-5. All of a sudden, the game was tied 6-6! There were only three minutes left in the game and all the girls were imagining the big green banner hanging in the gym when Kiera came out of nowhere and shot the winning goal into the net! The crowd went wild!

What a day it was! The team’s success would not have come without the excellent teamwork shown by everyone; every player gave it their all in every game. The outstanding goalie, Lydia, was a goal-saving machine! Thank you to Kiki and Cici for their amazing job on defense, and Kiera, the top scorer of the day.

The team would like to thank Ms. Lubbock for her help and support throughout the day and Ms. Evans for her guidance throughout the season.