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Where’s The Mop!

Students in Mrs. Lazdzin’s TEAM geography class stunned her last Friday. Over the years she has seen highly creative work but never to this extent. When she assigned a small project based on her students’ interest in geography, she expected an acrostic poem or a song from the Animaniacs’ “Countries of the World”.

What she got was a great assortment of creative projects! There was a song about longitude and latitude and there were models of mountains, models of valleys filled with rivers, models of tributaries, and models of lakes and waterfalls. Some of the models included plastic fish. One of them even came with a live fish straight from the Amazon! Much like rivers in the real world, we had some flooding … oops! (Sorry, Mr. Marroquin).

Many things were learned through this activity, not the least of which were to never underestimate the skills and talents of our wonderful children (and always know where the closest mop is). It is exciting to anticipate what the rest of the year may bring in geography class!