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TEAM School addresses the needs of a variety of students: students who require academic upgrading, students who benefit from small class sizes and extra teacher support, and students who have had an educational assessment indicating a learning challenge.

Elementary Division (Grades 1-8)

Elementary (Grades 1 to 8) TEAM students benefit from small class sizes (maximum of 8 students) and an individualized academic upgrading programme. As their academic skills improve, TEAM parents see the change in their child’s attitude towards school…they look forward to going to school each day! Classroom learning is enhanced by more than 35 school clubs and sports teams, and every student and teacher takes part in the school-wide musical. Students aged 10 and older enjoy a week at the school’s Outdoor Education Centre in Muskoka.

TEAM Secondary School (Grades 9-12)

The TSS (TEAM Secondary School) programme builds on students’ strengths and prepares them for success in post-secondary community college programmes. By offering applied-level courses in small classes of no more than 12 students, the TSS programme meets the following student needs: to support students transitioning from the elementary programme to high school, to support the student who benefits from explicit instruction and learning strategies for academic success, and to prepare the college-bound student through applied level and college preparatory courses. The TSS student’s high school experience is complemented by a broad range of extracurricular activities offered at both the Mentor College Main Campus and at TSS.

During the school’s Winter, March, and Summer Breaks, TEAM School families can choose from a wide variety of day camps and summer schools.

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