The Mentor College/TEAM School administrative team is led by director Mr. Chuck Macdonald. The principals in each division provide support and guidance to teachers and students across the divisions of Mentor College & TEAM School.

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Chuck Macdonald - Director, Mentor College & TEAM School

Chuck Macdonald started at Mentor College as a music teacher in 1988 - when he began his involvement in a number of musical ensembles: Choir director for Primary and Junior choirs, musical director of year end musical, and director of recorder ensembles. Mr. Macdonald has been a teacher, principal, and administrator during his tenure at Mentor College and T.E.A.M. School - having served as Transportation Co-ordinator, Administrative Co-ordinator, Principal TEAM ESL, Vice-Principal Primary Campus, Principal TEAM School/TSS, and Assistant Director. In 2014, he assumed the role of Director. Mr. Macdonald holds a M.Ed. from Nipissing University.

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Ken Philbrook - Executive Director/Co-Founder, Mentor College & TEAM School

As a parent himself, Executive Director & Co-Founder Ken Philbrook knows and understands your concerns about the education of children. He co-founded the school because of his desire to offer an educational environment where consolidation of basic skills allowed students to experience the joys of learning that would lead to greater self-confidence and self-esteem. After a career as an educator with special interest and background in special education, Mr. Philbrook continues to take an active role in maintaining a positive, caring environment, rich in personal attention, where children are encouraged to think and reason for themselves.



Lillian Sawtschuk - Principal, TEAM School/TEAM Secondary School

Lillian Sawtschuk began her career at TEAM School as a supply teacher in 1990. Over the years, she taught Grades 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 homeroom classes before moving into the position of resource teacher in 2002. Prior to becoming TEAM School principal in 2013, Mrs. Sawtchuk was vice-principal from 2007-2013. Over the years, Mrs. Sawtschuk has enjoyed working with TEAM students on various extracurricular activities - most notably cooking club and Garden Buds (gardening club). Lillian Sawtschuk holds a M. Ed. from Nipissing University.


Lorraine McDonald - Vice-Principal, TEAM School/TEAM Secondary School

Vice-principal Lorraine McDonald has been working with the children at TEAM School since 1999. Since then, she has held many different positions. In the Elementary Division, she has taught Grades 6 & 7 homeroom, and computers. At the high school level (TSS), Ms. McDonald has taught math, geography, learning strategies, and business. From 2010-2013 Ms. McDonald worked as TEAM’s resource teacher and since 2013, she has been vice principal. Lorraine McDonald holds a M. Ed. From Nipissing University.

All Divisions
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Chris Starkey - Administrative Principal, Mentor College & TEAM School

Chris Starkey started with the school in the fall of 1990 as a supply teacher and quickly moved into a position as a physical education teacher. As the elementary athletic director for Mentor/TEAM, Mr. Starkey was one of the founders of the PSAA that year and added the HS athletic director's title in 1994. This was the year when he started adding additional administrative roles. As administrative principal of the schools, Mr. Starkey's main role is to work behind-the-scenes on anything that is not directly related to curriculum.

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