Summer School

Mentor Bright Edge Summer School runs from 9:00 am to noon for four weeks (usually beginning the first week of July). The main focus for Grades 1 to 8 will be on reading, writing,, and mathematics. Students in these programmes enroll for a variety of reasons—they may be new Mentor students trying to upgrade their skills, current students getting a refresher on the concepts taught the year before, or students without TEAM School affiliations who want a quality summer programme so that they may get ahead and progress at their own school. The material and major concepts of that course in the Mentor College programme are covered, ensuring that both new and returning students have a solid background for the upcoming year.

In addition, "Preparation for Grade 9" courses are offered in mathematics and English. These non-credit courses are designed to help students entering Grade 9 in the fall. In mathematics, students will review Grade 8 concepts and extend into the beginning of the Grade 9 programme. In English, students will work through a novel study with a focus on writing and comprehension.

Mentor Bright Edge Summer School also offers a "Sharpen Your Skills" programme. It is designed as both a refresher course of the topics covered the year before, and a chance to get "back in the groove" of schoolwork for the upcoming year.

To find out more information about Mentor Bright Edge Summer School, please contact the director, Kelly Lutz, by phone, at the Main Campus (905) 271- 3393 or by e-mail at Please use the form below to fax your registration in to the school at (905)271-8367. 

Download Mentor Bright Edge Summer School registration

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