Admission to the Elementary Division

Admission to TEAM School begins with a visit to a school Open House or with a direct parent inquiry. Open Houses are scheduled throughout the year. Following the initial contact, the school requests the child's school reports, related documentation, and an assessment fee of $150. Following the review of the documentation provided, an appointment will be set up between the parents and one of the school administrators. If the school and the parents are in agreement, the child will be invited to spend a day at the school as a guest. After this “visit day”, parents will be contacted for a follow-up discussion with one of the school administrators.

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Admission for International Students

Given that distance may be a factor for prospective international students, the admissions process generally begins with a telephone or email inquiry. Following this initial contact, we request each student's school reports and related documentation, which must be translated into English, and a $150 admissions fee. Once the information has been received and reviewed by the school, we will arrange a reference call with the student's English language teacher. If possible, the prospective student attends a visit day. If this is not possible, a virtual meeting with the student and a school administrator may be requested. Finally, there is follow-up communication between the school and the family. 

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