A Typical Day

In the elementary division, TEAM School functions on a six-day cycle that provides our students variety in their school week. There are a number of common routines and procedures in place that provide structure to the school day, no matter what the grade level. TEAM School staff provides instruction and a variety of extra-curricular activities throughout the day to interest and challenge our students.

8:30 AM

With the first bell, students are welcomed into their classrooms. After storing their outdoor clothing and backpacks in their locker, they are greeted at the classroom door by their teacher. Students enter the classroom and follow established routines to get organized for the day; these may include a homework check, putting away lunch boxes, and beginning a morning activity provided by the teacher. Students are in their classroom ready to learn by 8:45 AM when the second bell rings.

8:45 AM

TEAM School begins each day with the national anthem followed by the morning announcements, which inform students about upcoming school events as well as the times and locations of the daily extracurricular activities we offer at recess and after school. Attendance is submitted to the office at this time so that we may follow our safe arrival procedures. If a student arrives later than 8:45 AM, they must check into the office for a late slip.

9:00 AM

The formal instruction time of our day begins. Students spend the majority of the day with their homeroom teacher who oversees instruction in the core subject areas of math, reading and language arts, printing/cursive, mindfulness, and social studies. Specialty teachers offer instruction on a rotational basis in Physical Education, Music, Art, and Science. Our students are never left unattended; our homeroom teachers escort their students to and from each specialty class.

Lunch & Recess

At 11:45, TEAM School students eat lunch in their classrooms with their classmates, supervised by their homeroom teacher. For those families who wish, a selection of optional lunch delivery programmes are available.

There are three recesses for Grades 1-6 students. The first is at 10:25 AM for 15 minutes, the second is at 12:10 p.m. for 20 minutes and the third is at 1:50 for 15 minutes. Students in Grades 7 and 8 have one 20 minute recess at 12:05 p.m.

2:55 PM

Our students are in their homeroom classes where, with the help of their teachers, they tidy up their work area, gather homework materials, and pack their backpacks. At TEAM School, homework is assigned to reinforce skills and concepts taught during the day. Additionally, we believe that homework provides students with the opportunity to practise effective time management and to develop a sense of responsibility. All homework assigned at TEAM School is at the student’s level so that it can be completed with independence, thus developing a sense of accomplishment in our learners.

Homeroom teachers initial each student’s agenda to ensure that the assigned homework has been recorded correctly. Homework assignments, upcoming events, and expectations are also posted to Edsby, our school online learning platform.

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